Mapping & Appraisal

Mapping Department

The Mapping Department is responsible for maintaining an up to date set of maps that display all of the parcels in the county, detailing their locations and physical characteristics. In Coffee County this is accomplished through the use of an ESRI based Geographic Information System (GIS). Master digital maps are updated to reflect new subdivisions, surveys, roads, property splits, and the combining of parcels as they occur, and then paper maps are printed and placed in the Appraisal Department and both courthouses for reference and public viewing.

Appraisal Department

The Appraisal Department is responsible for establishing current market values of all parcels located in the county according to Alabama Department of Revenue appraisal standards. It is our goal that these values be fair and equitable throughout the county. Once the parcel has been established and values assigned, we have an ongoing maintenance program to keep parcel information current.


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