History and Operations

The Coffee County Scrap Tire Processing Center operates under permit number 0000042708. A grant was awarded from the Alabama Scrap Tire Fund to built the facility and purchase necessary equipment.  Operation of the facility began in June of 2013.

The basis of the program is to process cleanup and stockpile tires into a reusable product and to form a basis and feedstock for advanced end use markets. Also, by processing the tires into chips, this provides an alternative to the landfilling of whole tires in Alabama. The Center has the capacity to process up to 1.6 million scrap tires per year. Currently, the average monthly intake is 35,000 to 40,000 tires.

There are two different size shreds: +-2 inch and +-1.25 inch.


  • $0.75 per car or truck passenger tire
  • $1.00 per tractor trailer tire