Tipping Fees

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In-County Rates



Out-of-County Rates



Contract Rates



Special waste that requires ADEM approval - $25.50/ton

Special waste that requires special handling - $46.50/ton

Tipping fees are assessed for all waste disposed at the Coffee County Landfill, with the minimum charge for any load being $2.50.  All cash customers must pay for each load when weighed out at the scale house.  Currently, the Coffee County Landfill accepts cash or checks only.

Effective October 1, 2008, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) began assessing a fee on all waste disposed in a landfill in the State of Alabama. The Coffee County Landfill is required to collect this fee of $1.00 per ton from all customers, and the fee is not included in the tipping fee schedule for the landfill.  All fees are detailed on each weight ticket and on the customer's ticket also.

Charge accounts are available to those customers who wish to be billed monthly for their tipping fees.  In order to receive a charge account, a customer must complete a Coffee County Landfill Credit Application which must be approved by the Coffee County Commission. Landfill tickets, which serve as a receipt, are provided to the drivers each time they dispose of a load.

Three year contracts are available for businesses, waste haulers, and government entities. These contracts keep disposal rates constant over a three year period.  Anyone interested in a contract should contact Mike Thornton, Landfill Manager, at (334) 897-6773.