Roll-Off Container Pricing

Pricing for containers has various determining factors. No fuel surcharges are associated with containers provided by CCL Roll-Off Services.  Container relocation on the same or adjacent lot is provided at no charge to all customers. 

Rental charges begin on the first full day a customer has a container and continue until the container is removed from the project completely. Delivery/pickup charges are applied each time an empty container is delivered to a customer’s specified location only.   Effective November 1, 2008, the daily rental charges for permanent containers are waived for any permanent container which is dumped a minimum of one time per month.  For any month a permanent container is not dumped, daily rental charges will be applied.

Mixed loads are accepted for disposal, but the higher of the listed charges for tipping fees will be applied to the load.  For example, C&D material mixed with MSW will result in MSW tipping fees being applied to all of the waste in the container.

ADEM Fee of $1.00 per ton is collected for all tonnage disposed of by CCL Roll-Off Service at the Coffee County Landfill.  This fee is not reflected in the “Tipping Fees” listed for temporary or permanent container pricing, but it is collected and reflected on all invoices provided to CCL customers.

Effective January 1, 2009, delivery/pickup charges will increase $5.00 for both temporary and permanent containers.