Acceptable Waste

The Coffee County Landfill is permitted to receive and dispose of all non-hazardous, non-infectious, putrescible, and non-putrescible wastes including, but not limited to, household waste, commercial solid waste, industrial solid waste, construction and demolition waste, appliances, trees, limbs, stumps, paper, asbestos (double bagged and wet), large dead animals or large quantities of small dead animals, and similar type materials generated within our service area.

Some waste streams require approval from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) prior to acceptance for disposal at the Coffee County Landfill. These items include, but are not limited to, incinerator ash, foundry sand, baghouse dusts, slag, off specification or out of date commercial products, paint filters and overspray, sandblasting waste, tank residues, petroleum contaminated soil, treated medical waste, RCRA cleanup wastes, contaminated C&D material, unclassified industrial waste, dry sewage and septage sludges, and electric generation transformers or capacitors. Customers wishing to dispose of these items must complete and submit the appropriate ADEM Form to the Alabama Department of Environmental Management for approval. An approval letter issued by the ADEM must be received by the landfill before the waste will be accepted for disposal.

The following items are not accepted by the Coffee County Landfill: used oil and oil filters, wet cell or NiCad batteries, mercury containing fluorescent or HID bulbs, medical waste, tires, vehicles, radioactive waste, bio-hazardous or biologically contaminated waste, and PCB containing materials.

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