Purpose & Mission

It is the responsibility of government to undertake comprehensive emergency management to protect life and property from the effects of disasters. When the emergency exceeds local government capability to respond, they will request assistance from mutual aid counties and/or the state government; the federal government will provide assistance to the state when requested. In addition, private sector and volunteer organizations may be requested to provide aid and assistance.

The Emergency Operations Plan, or EOP, is based upon the concept that the emergency functions for the various groups involved in emergency management will generally parallel their daily functions. To the extent possible, the same personnel and material resources will be employed in both cases. Those daily functions which do not contribute directly to the emergency operation may be suspended for the duration of the emergency. The efforts normally required for those functions will be redirected to accomplishing emergency tasks by the agency concerned.

The Mission of this Agency

The mission of the Coffee County Emergency Management Agency is to protect Coffee County citizens from all hazards by providing and coordinating resources, expertise, leadership and advocacy through a comprehensive, risk-based security and emergency management program.

Our Purpose

Mitigate the effects of various hazards,

Prepare for measures which will preserve life and minimize damage,

Respond during emergencies and provide assistance,

Establish a recovery system to return the community to a normal status.